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Sound Engineer, Music Producer, and Acoustic Designer

Embracing all forms of sound, musical globetrotter Daniel Baruch is not limited by style. He has engineered live sound for the New York Philharmonic and New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, and co-produced, mixed, and mastered the evocative, world music infused score for the Academy Award-winning film, Born Into Brothels along with thousands of other projects on three continents over the last three decades. As a well-trained classical musician and expert audio engineer in both live and studio environments, Baruch has brought his technical mastery to projects in Boston to Berlin, New Orleans to New York, and Tel Aviv, Paris and Los Angeles, while tuning into the needs of each client.

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“Daniel’s astute organizational capabilities keep things running tightly and efficiently; his personable manner causes both artists and club staff to want to perform at their highest level. His knowledge of sound equipment and the manner in which it is put into practical use is beyond criticism, and with him in charge of a show I always relax, knowing things will run smoothly.”
-Bruce Duff
Knitting Factory Hollywood, Production Manager