db studio

The dB Studio is located in the metropolitan New York area at the Gate Hill Cooperative Community, once home to musical luminaries John Cage and David Tudor. dB studio is available for composing, producing, mixing and mastering projects with the focused and sought-after Daniel Baruch at the helm.

“I was impressed with his high professional abilities; most prominently noticeable was his total professional attitude, always striving for excellence. He was always a reliable and dedicated partner in every type or size of project. Because of Mr. Baruch’s combined talents as a fine musician in his own right and a very sensitive sound technician, he was constantly in demand.”
-Avi Elbaz
University of Haifa Israel, Music Department Lecturer

“Mr. Daniel Baruch is a professional sound technician, (both at PA and in the studio) of the first class with a fine taste for sound, especially for acoustic instruments and music. We have been traveling to the USA, Russia, and most countries in Europe at festivals, bigger and smaller concert halls, and open-air festivals. We warmly recommend Mr. Daniel Baruch.”
Yvonne Kahan Dalal and Yair Dalal
Najema Music & TV, Musicians

Academy Award-winning film, Born Into Brothels

Soundtrack Born Into Brothels




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